Saturday, 3 September 2011

I'm back

That's a boring title, but hey it's pretty accurate. Sorry for not posting in forever, I've been busy wth exams, and then stressed out waiting for the results, and then I got a job for the summer, which basically took up all my free time really. So here's my first proper post in a while, along with a few captions, I have a handful of other ideas in the pipeline, but they're not ready quite yet.

Anyway, not much has changed in the past however long it was. I passed my exams (at least well enough to get into university, wooo), but aside from the job and that not much. I have bought myself a couple of dresses though, which although don't fit perfectly (they're from charity shops, doing my bit for charity, and I haven't quite mastered the sizing system....), I'm quite happy with, if I may say, it is an amazing feeling wearing a probably knew that, and my life is just very boring, but still....

Anyway, I shall aim to update more often (how many times have I said that.....) and leave you with some captions in exchange....


Emma x

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Testing times....

That titles just a play on the fact I'm in the middle of exams at the moment, nothing to worry about. I'm just about half way through them now, finished in two weeks. I had planned to update this blog more often this week (sorry again), but revision has somewhat dashed those plans, but I thought I owed you at least one update this week. I shall endeavour to post again soon, but if I don't you know where I am.

So yeah just a short update today as I've got some more revision planned for this afternoon, but I thought I'd put up another cap to justify my absence. Also before I go a thank you to my first few followers (namely, Vickie, Miki, and Rebecca) and for my first few comments (Miki). Ty and be back soon hopefully.

Emma x

Saturday, 30 April 2011


I guess a few days turned into just over a month....sorry about that, I've got a million excuses, but none of them excuse me really, so sorry about that. If I may just use one of them, its that I've got 14 exams in the next three weeks, so I've kind've had to revise a bit, but I suppose I let myself off for 10 minutes or so to keep this going.

Anyway I promise to be back now, I've still got all the ideas for blog posts that I had before, so expect to see them in the future. I've noticed page views have gone quite a bit up, undoubtedly due to now being linked on Rebecca's World (Many, many thanks for that btw :) ) so I'll try and justify that with my posting.

I suppose the best way to apologise would be with a caption, so that's what I've done. Sorry if anyone's getting bored of Emma Watson by now :P

Emma x

Monday, 21 March 2011

Just a quick filler post.

Yeah this is just a quick filler post to say I probably won't be posting for the next couple of day. I feel rather lousy atm, headachey and the like, and I've got a fair bit of work to catch up on.

All I'm going to say here is I spent a nice long period of time (I had the house to myself for most of the day) crossdressed yesterday, matching underwear, tights and my dress. It felt brilliant to be able to do so. I loved wearing the dress, albeit I probably looked terrible but hey. If I can pluck up the courage, I'm looking at getting some more clothes this week, possibly buying a skirt and some shoes, but we'll see.

Anyway, ttfn.
Emma x

Friday, 18 March 2011

Celeb Friday: Brian Molko.

Thank you for joining me again, for the last post of the week. I generally won't post at weekends, as I don't have the time. Also looking at the stats, this blogs starting to get a few more views. If anyone has any feedback or comments to make, please comment on the blog, I'm not overly bothered if I don't recieve any, but it would be well recieved as I'm new to this, and know this may bore many people. Hopefully it doesn't but let me know if it does.

Anyway, it's a friday, which means time for a blog on a celeb. This time it's someone a little less well known than Emma Watson, but personally someone just as much as an influence on me. I spoke a little about Brian Molko on wednesday. He's a musician with the band Placebo for thsoe of you that didn't know. He's bisexual, and known for his androgynous appearence. He apparently once said he wanted guys to go to his shows, think he was a girl and think he was hot, then realise he was a guy and question themselves. His appearence started in his teens, wearing nail polish with long hair to rebel against his parents. He's become an idol of sorts of mine, not just because of his music, or us both being guitarists. He introduced me to androgyny, which I then tried to follow. I have fairly long hair now, but have had it much longer. I wanted this androgynous image, because it showed me that perhaps there was a middle way. Molko is also the first man that I've admitted (to myself and others) I'm attracted to. The first time I saw him in a music video, I did think he was a girl, then found he wasn't but still found him attractive.

This was kind've when I started questioning my sexuality (again something I'll talk about in more depth later), and identified myself as being bi. Further increasing my association with Molko, increasing my liking of him. Anyway, you may have found that all fairly boring, so now I'll bring this post to a close with a cap, featuring none other than Molko so you can have your own opinion of him. Oh yeah I forgot to mention he does do a lot of things whilst crossdressed. He also looks a lot better with long hair I think.

Emma x

Thursday, 17 March 2011

The History of Emma: Part2.

After a short break, I'll now continue talking about the history of me. Sort of moving onto my teenage years, which while can be a stressful/confusing time for many people, and not very pleasant to talk about too, I would like to cover on this blog.

Just before then, couple of things I missed in the last post. I first knew of a 'sex change' in year 5 (so about 10), and I was naturally curious about it. More on that in a sec. The other being in primary school, I'd have a recurring dream where I was feminised by the girls in my class. This happened using a bath, that turned me into a girl....slightly odd I know. This was born out of the simple desire to wear a skirt, something which I could not do. This desire, was not sexually driven in anyway, (I was 10 at the time) which is why I say I don't have a fetish, but a genuine desire to be female.

Anyway, I'll cover that in my cap below. For a few years these feelings all sort of died down a bit, and this was a time where I remember very little. However, as I got older, a things change. I started to notice girls, but as is a cliche in this community, I wanted to be them, rather than be with them. When I got my own computer, and didn't have the fear of being found out, I researched on the internet, mostly around wikipedia about sex changes, leading me onto gender dysphoria and so on. It also lead me on to many of the tg caption blogs there are about.

Around this time, I started cross-dressing. At first it was just knickers and tights. Leading onto bras and eventually to dresses. These were my mothers clothes, apart from a pink dress I found, which I have no idea who that belonged to. I had an old pair of school trousers I cut out to form a skirt of sorts, I had a handbag and make up, and a pair of high heels. I kept all this under pillows on my bed. My bed was a bunk bed, and I had a box between the wall and some pillows to keep it all hidden. I was quite proud of this collection, dressed up whenever I was alone in the house, and thus learnt to walk in heels. Again, none of this was sexual, I wasn't *ahem* playing with myself while dressing, as the time I didn't even know of such things. (seriously I was an innocent child).

On several occasions I was close to being caught. Internet pages were closed a little too late sometimes, and once after applying nail polish, and unsuccessfully removing it, my mother noticed and questioned me. I passed it off as felt tip from school, but I think she secretly knew. Then I really did get caught. My mum decided to change my bed clothes, and found everything. She called my dad, and they both confronted me about it when I got home. They didn't shout at me, or anything, they passed it off as curiousity on my part. I lied about how long I'd been doing it, and swore not to do it again. At one point, they even asked me the question, "do you want to be a girl?" (or words to that effect), to which I replied no. If I'd answered differently, I wonder how life would have changed after that.

For a while after that, it went away for a while, other things happened in life. But then like a year ago, it started again, not very often, and only tights or occasionally a bra. Then I decided to look for some shoes in charity shops, as the heels I had disappeared. I didn't find any, but I found a pink dress, and in the most nerve racking thing I've ever done bought it. It's several sizes too big and is kept in my cupboard out of sight, but yeah, I own a dress.

I've also shaved my legs a few times, and would like to keep them smooth, but it's too much maintainence....

Anyway, cap time, for any of you who have sat and read all that boring drivel, well done, here's your reward. It's based on the "girls feminise me in a bath" yeah.....

Emma x

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Music Wednesday: Placebo

Hello again, back with another song for Emma's music wednesday. This time it's a song from one of my favourite bands, Placebo. I first heard of them on an old ps1 games years ago, and over time my love for them increased. They're a band well associated with the LGBT community (Brian Molko, the singer and guitarist, is bi and very androgynous, and Stefan, the bassist is gay). I simply adore Placebo, and specifcally Molko, for reasons I'll go into in another blog post. This song, is perhaps their most well known, and is pretty typical of their early stuff musically and lyric wise. Nancy Boy, is a song about an effeminate male, to quote of wikipedia, which explains why it's on this blog. While I don't use such a label to myself, or call myself gay despite everything (I'm not denying who I am, or being ignorant, but I feel my sexuality is more complex than that, and something I don't have the time to explain now), I love this song. I would like to "do my make-up in my room, and douse myself in cheap perfume".

So yeah, enjoy the song, and listen to some more of their music if you can and do not already. I could write an essay on this video, so it's easier just to watch it!

Emma x